Mundo Logístico is a technical magazine directed to the medium and high levels of the most important companies in Central America and Mexico; executives and entrepeneurs directly in charge of the decision making and acquisition of equipment and services related to the improvement of the supply chain management areas: operations, traffic, distribution, warehousing and inventories, transport and other processes that can affect production and delivery of products to the final costumer.

Our print run, of seven thousand issues in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras) and twelve thousand in Mexico, has a free distribution among our strong and specialized data base; this way we provide to our readers, both logistics specialists and day to day managers, first hand technical and commercial information, as well as better options of suppliers of services and equipment and machinery.

The profile of our reading people averages 25 to 60 years, of which 79% are men and 21%, women. The editorial line of Mundo Logístico is a technical and diffusion one, and the articles that contain turn on the following sections:

En la mira: Brief presentation about the more important news of companies and events of different companies and organizations related to the supply chain in Mexico and Central America.

Gestión y conceptos: Theory and results of different research in the integral supply chain from universities, institutes and world class companies.

Compras y abastecimientos: Articles about the best practices in procurement, logistics in bound, acquisitions and management of raw materials and supplies for production processes.

Cadenas productivas: Articles about best practices in production, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial plants in order to keep the flow of the supply chain active.
Almacenes e inventarios: Avant-garde trends for the best control of stock and technologies and equipment for material handling.

Distribución y transporte: Basics of keeping products in time and shape to sales points: traffic, routes, transport modes (trucking, air, railroad, maritime) intermodalism.
TI y comercio electrónico: Use of technologies and internet for achieving a best performance of the supply chain.

Mercados globales: Globalization themes in local logistics: opportunities and challenges in international commerce operations.

We also included in several of our editions interviews with important characters of the logistics in Central America, Mexico and the world, whose knowledge about global issues and trends in logistics and supply chain management can be useful for our readers, as well as the presentation of successful cases of local and international companies whose contribution can be example of the experience and improvement of the distribution and transportation processes.

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